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We currently do not have any puppies and will not be excepting any puppies until possibly late Spring 2015

About the French Bulldog
French Bulldog is often refered to as a "frenchie" and it is a happy go lucky kind of dog. Often described as "a clown in the cloak of a philosopher," the French Bulldog originated as, and continues to be used as a companion dog. The breed is small and muscular with heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, a short face and trademark "bat" ears. The weight of a frenchie can range from 16-28 lbs. They do not require a lot of exercise but they love to play! This makes them a very ideal dog for apartment or condo dwellers. The thing I love about them is their big tuff dog personality trapped in a lap dog body. If you want a small dog but not foufy this is the perfect dog! Even your husband won’t have a problem walking this pooch! They do great with other pets and kids. They are not big fans of heat, too much can actually be very dangerous for them.

     The price of the frenchie is some time astonishing to buyers but there is very much validation behind it. When it is the right time to breed the French Bulldog in most cases she is artificially insemenated and prior to that there are necessary blood tests to determine ideal time of breeding. French Bulldogs require a c-section due to the large head and shoulders. If  natural birth occurs there is a huge health risk to mom and puppies if one becomes lodged in the birth canal. When the puppies are born the frenchie does not usually jump right in and become "mother of the year" that is the breeders job. This requires 24 hour care and supervision by the owner/breeder. I slept on the floor for the first week next to my girl and her pups. The breeder must make sure the pups are feeding every 2-3 hours, pooping,peeing,and not being sat on or barried by the new clumsy mom! This is a full-time job, breeders can not leave their house for at least a week from when pups are born. In the end all the work is well worth it because the frenchie is an unbelievable dog that anyone would adore.

About Us 
I've been in love with bulldogs since I was a child, really anything with a smooshy face that snorted all bully and snub nosed breeds,pigs,and Persian cats as well. I purchased my frenchie in 2007. I took my time and selectively choose a female that had all the qualities I was looking for in a French Bulldog. I did my research I read all about health concerns and questions to ask the breeder. I knew I might want to breed her so I was very particular because I would never want to produce anything short of the French Bulldog standard. Health was my first concern I met the mother and father of my puppy and both were very healthy. Short legs and nose was a must along with a large head and a coby body. After several months of looking I found my girl Black Betty aka B.B. She is a wonderful dog and has made our home complete. My dogs live inside with my family and they are my pets and when they are retired from breeding they will remain my babies. The joy of raising a litter of frenchies has been priceless and to have the opportunity to provide another person/family with the joy they bring to my life is an awesome gift. My puppies always go home with current vaccination records and are vet checked as well. I offer a one year health guarantee with all puppies as well as any kind of extended support I can give my new puppy owners on their care,health,training,etc. My door is always left open to my buyers. I welcome anyone into my home to see my puppies and dogs all my pets are very well cared for and very well socialized. I can't refer to myself as a kennel I would be lying, I don't own a single kennel. I don't have anything against big kennel owners I just don't have the time or space to own and run one. I run a home of six children and three dogs,or should I say they run me. Thanks for checking us out!   

Scarlett Saunders

Located about an hour north of Chicago

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